Friday, March 29, 2013

A Panter's Preparations for Camp

If you're a writer and you've signed on for the grueling task that is NaNoWriMo, or you know someone who has, you're probably aware that Camp NaNoWriMo begins on April 1st this year. No foolin'. The day after we're trying to emerge from food comas induced by Easter. Swell.

Pansters, as a general rule, do not plot. We do not prepare. We dive in and weather whatever comes at us. We're the origin of the phrase "Come what may*". *Um, probably not.

I hit my writing goal of 20k on The Crusader's Maiden last week. All is well and set in that book. Getting that many words is all the prep work I've done for camp. I'm ready to move forward. I think. I'm working on a couple of projects right now. A straight historical romance (I have to admit, I'm actually a little bit terrified of that) and a paranormal western romance. To be fair to the editing I've been doing and my goal to have 20k for camp, I haven't worked on the PWR for a while.

It's a fun story, even though I'm not very far into it. However, I'm equally intrigued by book 5 here and how the characters are so at odds right from the start.

Do I think I'll make my 40k word count goal? Well, it's only a 1333/day goal. That's not bad. I'll give away one my author secrets here: When I sit down to write, even if it's not every day, I always strive for 1,000 words. I've had days when 1667 for NaNo was a real struggle. I think just over 1300 will be easier. If the characters keep cooperating like they've been doing. Never count them out.

I am, however, prepared for the weekend--always. Okay, I'm not. Because I'm supposed to bring mashed potatoes to Easter dinner and I haven't been to the store. Well, I'm prepared for the sleeping in parts of the weekend.

Other L&L novels have sprung forth from the loins of NaNo. The Sky Pirate's Wife was the November 2011 project. The Turncoat's Temptress (now on Amazon and B&N) was the June Camp NaNo project. I started to write The Siren's Sentinel for camp in August, but it was too taxing and just easier to write it a little at a time. However, in tradition of NaNo, it was the project for Jano, sponsored by Sleuth's Ink, a mystery writer's group, who "NaNo" in January.

Writing a novel in a month may not be your thing, but it sure helps me get most of a novel out. I'm as prepared as I'm going to be. Dr. Pepper, wrist brace, Tylenol, and ice packs ready to go.

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